Preparing for a session

Your role is to bring your open mind, your curiosity and some questions. No question is off limits. Some questions get better responses than others. Here are some guidelines:

  • Questions about vivid dreams, unexplained phenomenon or general curiosity are encouraged. Getting answers from the broader perspective of the Akashic Records is often eye-opening and illuminating.
  • Ask questions from your perspective. Don’t ask about someone else. For example, “Why does Person X always do…?” won’t be answered because we don’t have their permission to give out that information. Another way to ask that question could be, “What may I know that would help me alter my reaction to Person X when they…?”
  • Asking about a future outcome rarely gets a response. They honor your Free Will and Choice. They will help you uncover patterns of behavior and thinking that leads to a predictable future, but it’s up to you to choose what direction you will go.

These sessions are a great place to open up your perception about life’s circumstances so that you can change your behavior and reactions to better match your inner most desires. It’s not about changing someone else or your circumstances. It’s about clarifying why you do something, or how to change what you are habitually doing or thinking that isn’t serving you anymore. You can then choose to move forward in a different manner.

To help you craft your questions you might:

– Identify areas of your life that you want to work on.
– List questions about anything large/small, significant/insignificant.
– Examples of where questions might come from are: Current life challenges and desires / Unexplained dreams, phenomenon, premonitions/ Curiosity

Hint: Sit back and observe yourself in your daily life. What questions are you asking yourself?

Bonus: To go deeper, ask yourself why you want to know that answer. Then create questions around that.

To get the most from your session:

Have a clear mind and body.  Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs 24 hours prior to the session, as this clouds the information received.

Prepare questions in advance.

Have paper and pen to jot down insights during the session.

Drink water during and after the session.

Allow time for reflection after the session.

Bring clarity to your life